Gisele Galdin
Art director


A geek and versatile art director.

Enjoy retro, finesse, delight and cute style. 

Strategic think, respect what is the best for the client.


Gisele M. Galdin

Art director has been worked since 2009. Graduated with honors from one of the best colleges in Brazil (Cásper líbero college) in communication (2011). It has worked in medium and big ad agencies in Brazil, country known as one of the most creative campaigns. Experience in online and offline in advertising campaigns.

It used to be build sites, blogs and layouts as a hobby when was a teenager. Fascinated with retro and vintage styles, colorful, cute and elegant styles when is possible to do. Addicted to beauty and pets subjects, dream working in these fields. 

Strategic thinker, believes that the client deserves the best, not "just do it" but yes "plan and do it". 

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